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We support a system of justice that integrates the whole of our collective and individual humanity for the benefit of the wider Earth Community.

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We are so happy you found your way to The Lawyers’ Center. We are a collective of attorneys who want to help you pursue your best. Here, you will find resources to help you enhance your performance and to cultivate your well-being. Just a few areas of our expertise:
Are you ready to practice meaningfully™? Our coaching is custom-tailored to your needs and desires. Consider us your accelerant.
We all want to perform at our best while living life to its fullest. We want to practice meaningfully™. So, here at TLC, we created programs that can help you do just that!

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ATTORNEYCynthia Bowkley, J.D., CPPM, PSEP

Cynthia earned her J.D. from Seton Hall University School of Law and is a candidate for an M.A. in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Ottawa University. She also holds certificates in ontological coaching from Newfield Network Coaching for Personal and Professional Mastery Program and in Somatic Experiencing from Somatic Experiencing International. Cynthia has nearly twenty years of experience in private practice as a litigation attorney and fifteen years as an international coach. Cynthia also uses Somatic Experiencing with her coaching clients when working on trauma or traumatic stress. She has taught reiki, yoga, and meditation, all of which provide a background of mindfulness for all of her coaching sessions and projects. An international coach and speaker, Cynthia can be found presenting about the intersection between trauma and law, managing stress and overwhelm for a better law practice, and recognizing trauma in your clients and yourself. She is a powerful catalyst for people who are ready to grow to the next level, both in business and in life. Cynthia works with clients across the globe to create profound shifts in her clients’ way of being. These shifts open possibilities and opportunities for her clients that didn’t exist before. Cynthia is well known for her proactive coaching style and has a unique ability to get to the heart of any issue quickly and easily. She understands the stresses and frustrations associated with professional and entrepreneurial life and has assisted numerous other professionals and entrepreneurs in their journeys towards greater clarity, success, and fulfillment. As a result of Cynthia’s coaching and Somatic Experiencing sessions, her clients report not only a greater sense of direction and accomplishment, but also a deeper connection to themselves and their work, better communication with others, a clearer sense of purpose, and the ability to practice meaningfully™. 


ATTORNEYDr Amar Dhall B. Const Mgt and Eco, LLB (Hons), PhD

Dr Amar Dhall is a polymath, entrepreneur and educator supporting people from all walks of life to leverage their embodied emotional intelligence into sustainable high-performance across both personal and professional domains of life. After graduating from law with honours (magna cum laude) he completed his PhD exploring the intersection of quantum mechanics and law while teaching law at an Australian university (Canberra University) for almost a decade. During his time on faculty he had a particular interest in administrative law, legal philosophy and research. After completing his doctorate, he undertook a short stint in private practice (which ended after he politely declined an offer for partnership) he realised that his fulfilment would about by supporting others in a different way than through legal practice. This led him to become a clinical therapist, coach and facilitator who specialises in enlivening the full potential of his already high-performing clients. He has published and presented on a wide variety of subjects and is currently the director of a number of businesses bringing emotionally intelligent approaches to eudaimonia to his clients – wherever they may be. He has worked with people from all walks of life, from judges, barristers and solicitors to entrepreneurs and executives in industries as diverse as aviation, food and beverage, construction and the community sectors. Amar also holds international, national and local leadership positions with the Mankind Project, which an international network of not for profit organisations supporting men to become self-aware and embody their growth. 


ATTORNEYRebecca Stahl, J.D., LLM, SEP

Rebecca Stahl is a lawyer with a focus on trauma-informed practices, who has represented children in child welfare and family law cases. Rebecca was a Fulbright Scholar in New Zealand and earned an LLM from the University of Otago in New Zealand. Rebecca has presented at a variety of international conferences focused on children’s rights and family law on topics ranging from the role of lawyers for children to trauma. Rebecca coauthored, Representing Children in Dependency and Family Law: Beyond the Law and has published articles on the role of children’s representation and trauma. Rebecca is a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner and came to Somatic Experiencing from a background in yoga and seeing trauma manifestations every day in court. Rebecca melds SE and law and teaches trainings around the world to help lawyers navigate trauma manifestations in themselves and in their clients. 

ABOUT TLCDefining success together

TLC began as a response to the unsustainable practice of law we see everywhere around the globe. Research demonstrates significant levels of stress, burnout, and even clinical diagnoses like Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), anxiety, and depression… just from practicing law! 

Our goal is to create safe, healing places for lawyers to go where we can all work towards our own personal and professional excellence while maintaining (and even increasing) our well-being. Being ‘in the practice’ can be exciting, intellectually challenging, fun, and incredibly rewarding emotionally and financially. Here at TLC, we strive to help you reach this sweet spot because we know the richness and fulfillment that comes from practicing meaningfully™. And- even though we don’t know you yet, we love you! We love how hard you work and how conscientious you are, how much you care about your clients and your colleagues, and how you juggle being in the practice with everything else that makes you, you. So, we want to support you in all of your personal and professional growth endeavors. Welcome to The Lawyers’ Center.


Our services

Our mission is to support legal professionals everywhere to improve the practice of law through research-based programs that maximize performance, cultivate well-being, and support living meaningfully.
Our programs are brief, but intense. We jump right into whatever you want to work on. In just six weeks, you will get tons of support, multiple opportunities for action around your goals, and some added one-on-one support to keep you on track for liftoff.
Join one of our ongoing groups for discussions about life in the practice, ideas for success and personal excellence, on-the-spot coaching as issues are raised by group members, and some time to just laugh and hang out with other lawyer peeps (because this is necessary and healing, too!).
Are you ready to practice meaningfully™? Our coaching is custom-tailored to your needs and desires. Ready to go for Partner? Let us help you get there. Want to work on time management or procrastination? We can help. Consider us your accelerant.
Why not get away for a week of some serious R&R while learning and growing, too? Join us and a small group of like-minded people for fun, friendship, and personal and professional development, to boot.

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